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Posted on: October 15, 2011 3:19 pm by small image

Well, since episode three of Working is delayed until monday I though it might be fun to do a first impression post of the fall season. We’ll see if I feel the same way after all this is done.

Anyway, let’s get this show on the road!

Edit: now with 100% more Last Exile

Isn't this irrelevant picture as cute as cute can be?


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Posted on: October 13, 2011 7:34 am by small image

Yakushimaru Etsuko and her band, Sotaisei Riron.

In line with my first post, I would like to everyone to meet Yakushimaro Etsuko, the voice behind Cosmos versus Aliens (Arakawa Under the Bridge), Ruru (Denpa Onna), Nornir (Mawaru Penguindrum) and a bunch of other songs from your favorite shows I probably don’t know anymore. Oh yes, I said ‘In line with my first post’, right? That’s because this would be another observation post! Read more…

Posted on: October 12, 2011 8:10 am by small image

(Eureka! Finally thought of something for my first post! This is so nerve-wracking. Warning, reader: This won’t be a review. It’s more of an observation, really. But still, I’d be happy to hear your thoughts. ^^)

Studio SHAFT has been really busy lately, churning out a lot of shows like there’s no tomorrow. I, for one, am not really the type who fusses over which studio produces which show. As long as it’s engaging, I’m good to go. However, that is not the issue. I shall get to the point, then, before I inevitably stray from my topic. Read more…

Posted on: October 9, 2011 3:27 pm by small image

"If we're this cute all the time, then no one will care if the show goes down the crap shoot."

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Posted on: October 9, 2011 4:37 am by small image

Just a short message here at YumeState, wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the wonderful time spent with family and friends!

Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko

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Posted on: October 6, 2011 12:01 am by small image

I wanted to write one more article for some of the great summer anime of this year, and decided I’d compare and contrast three of my favorites–which all happened to be slice-of-life shows! Whenever you’re in the mood for an anime that’s a little quieter than the rest (AKA not too dramatic or silly), it’s nice to watch a series like Natsume Yuujinchou San, Ikoku Meiro no Croisee, or Usagi Drop!

(Note: fanart belongs to their original artists)

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Posted on: October 5, 2011 11:17 am by small image

I apologize in advance for any gushing that may occur in this post.

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Posted on: October 2, 2011 9:34 pm by small image

Are you ready for this?!

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Posted on: October 1, 2011 8:03 pm by small image

I’ve been a manga fan or a long time, longer than I’ve been an anime fan.  Although I enjoy both mediums, there’s just a certain charm to manga that makes it more appealing in  my eyes. Even if I enjoy an anime series, I can usually only watch two or three episodes at a time before having to take a break. With manga, I can read through volumes of a series that I like with little problem. With that said, there are quite a few manga that I have come to love through the years that have not yet been published in North America. Below I make a small list, in no particular order, of some of the manga that I think deserve to get licensed and published in this side of the world.

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