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Posted on: March 31, 2012 12:49 pm by small image

I did this sort of post for summer and fall of last year, so I might as well continue that tradition and list a few of my favorite characters from the winter 2012 anime I watched.

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Posted on: March 29, 2012 4:32 am by small image

Greetings everyone, even though Nisemonogatari concluded “early” with only 11 episodes, let’s take a look at how the changes it made from Bakemonogatari, and see whether it worked out in the end for the producers, SHAFT (Madoka Magica, Denpa Onna, etc.). This post will contain spoilers, so please read further with caution if you haven’t seen Nisemonogatari. Also feel free to correct me if I am wrong throughout the post, as I did not read any of the light novels leading up to the series.

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Posted on: March 28, 2012 10:51 pm by small image

With finales piling up left and right, it was a bit sad to see this one’s. One thing is for sure, Winter 2012 wouldn’t be the same without Ano Natsu de Matteru. (I didn’t spoil the ending much, for you guys who didn’t get to watch this, but all the same, there will be some spoilers)

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Posted on: March 28, 2012 9:02 pm by small image

Greetings Everyone. This time we’ll be taking a look at Amagami SS+ Plus and the changes that took place from the previous season, as well as how the overall anime concluded each heroine in their respective arc. Before we begin, please take note that obviously there will be spoilers (since we’ll be going over each character), so if you haven’t watched Amagami SS+ Plus or Amagami SS, I’d encourage you to do that first.

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Posted on: March 28, 2012 6:06 pm by small image

Announcing the YumeState Anime Watchers Club! The premise is pretty simple. Each month we’ll have an anime picked out to watch, and everyone who wants to participate will watch that show… and then discuss it with us in our weekly anime watchers posts! In general, we will pick anime that are completed, short enough to finish in a month, and are a bit less watched than the really popular anime out there. If a show ran for two seasons, then we’ll probably watch about 6 episodes of the show each week; if the show ran for one season, then we’ll watch around 3 episodes per week. And every week on some pre-established day, a new post will come up with our thoughts on that week’s episodes. That’s your chance to leave your comments as well–just be sure to move along at the same schedule as the rest of us! (Or if you do go on ahead to watch the show more quickly, just be sure to not post any spoilers.)

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Posted on: March 24, 2012 3:38 am by small image

Greetings everyone, it’s been a while since my last post on Yumestate. This week/next week concludes most of our Winter 2012 series, Another, Nisemonogatari, and Amagami SS+ Plus. Instead of doing an episodic review, I think it’s better to look at each series and see what we thought of it, what we like, what we don’t like, and how will we expect the anime to conclude.

This post will contain some minor spoilers, more specifically related to story development than anything. I will not ruin any major spoilers for any anime series, but for the sake of preventing any unwanted information about shows you may be interested in watching, I’d suggest at least watching an episode or two before reading this.

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Posted on: March 22, 2012 10:37 pm by small image

Just wanted to write up a quick post on the winter anime I’m watching before the season ends! Not much time left for all these shows, so I’m pretty excited to see how they’ll all end! Note that there may be spoilers for Kill Me Baby, Natsume Yuujinchou, and especially for Mirai Nikki and Another. Make sure you’re up to date on these shows before reading on!

I’ll start with Kill Me Baby.

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Posted on: March 18, 2012 5:28 pm by small image

(Art by Aoshiki)

Spring season is quickly approaching! Which shows intrigue us the most? It’s hard to tell which anime will be best, based only on a synopsis, some pictures, and possibly a trailer–but it’s still fun to see which shows pique our interest. Rather than go through all 30+ anime premiering this spring, we’ll each focus on the ones that we’re most excited for. (Feel free to browse through all the shows here, if you’re not up to date.)

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Posted on: March 14, 2012 3:40 pm by small image

It’s a pinch!

Star Driver follows the exploits of Takuto and his friends Sugata and Wako as they try to save the world from the Glittering Crux Brigade and their mechanical Cybodies. The trick is that Takuto (and to a certain extent, Sugata) is the only one able to fend them off; the Glittering Crux Brigade needs to destroy the remaining shrine maidens’ seals in order to have their Cybodies operate outside of Zero Time (a strange space-like plane that exists between time) and Takuto is the only one able to summon his own Cybody to fight against them.

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Posted on: March 11, 2012 10:14 pm by small image

“In my restless dreams, I see that town. Silent Hill. You promised you’d take me there again someday, but you never did. Well, I’m alone there now… in our special place… waiting for you…”

Silent Hill 2 came out on the PS2 about ten years ago, but I’ve just gotten to it now. It’s gooooood stuff. The game is widely regarded as one of the best games in the series, and in the entire survival horror genre. What makes the game special is the powerful atmosphere, mysterious plot, and psychological undertones.

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