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Posted on: February 4, 2011 10:08 pm by small image

I think I’ve found a huge lead on figuring out the epitaph in Umineko no Naku Koro ni. (Again: I’ve only read eps. 1-6.)

The epitaph says to “kill” 11 or 13 characters (as stated in one of the answer arcs). And in episode three, it is said that Kinzo had designated a name for Maria, but Rosa took the name and re-arranged it (angering Kinzo throughly).

So, what does Maria’s name look like in Japanese? 真里亞, right? Well, usually Maria is written like this: 真里亜. So the third character (which looks like a cross) sticks out. (The second character sticks out for being included in the epitaph as ‘village’.)

What does that make you think of? The church.

The only thing of significance related to the church is the quote saying “You will only be blessed at a chance of quadrillion to one” or something like that. The key word is “quadrillion”, which has 11 characters.

In other words, “Quadrillion” is most likely the word from which you ‘kill’ the ‘sacrifices’. I have no idea what six characters are chosen by the ‘key’, however. It’s a great start, though, I think! And I didn’t even need an atlas or that much knowledge of Japanese. ^.^