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NOTICE: Yumestate Anime is no longer being maintained and thus has been put on Archive mode. Links and functionality are limited.

Posted on: August 13, 2011 12:50 pm by small image

The big announcement is that we have FOUR additional authors joining us at YumeState, and possibly more in the next while. I’ve still yet to work out the exact details, but that would bring us to a total of five authors including myself, with two that are away either on vacation or taking a short break over the summer. I’m super excited that I will be able to blog with these individuals. I know each one has a lot to offer, and I would like to extend a warm welcome to all of them. Below you will find a link to each of their individual information-pages, where you can read more about them (Some may still be working on theirs, so be patient with any updates they have).

I thought I would make a quick (2nd) announcement regarding some of the changes here at YumeState. We have been experiencing some latency issues with our server, but I believe that has been solved by our web host. If it the issue persists, we will be moving servers to see if that corrects the problem. Nothing will change client-side, meaning you won’t have to redirect or visit another web page to get to Everything is done server-side.

The 3rd minor announcement is some of the changes I’ve done with the organization of the website. I’ve moved the search function and added the control panel function to the top for ease of access in logging in or registering.

We also have a facebook page, twitter account, and multiple networks with WordPress and Blogspot/Blogger. This should help us get a few more hits! You will find links to those on the lower left hand menu.

Thanks to everyone again for pitching in and helping out! Definitely LOTS more to come from YumeState. Stay tuned!