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Posted on: February 2, 2012 8:40 am by small image

Episode 4, or so AnoNatsu wants you to believe, is more or less, like how many others are saying it as, the true “Episode 1″ of this Winter 2012 series. Why so?

Well, that’s a bit later on in the episode, but for starters, the summer the gang had been waiting for has arrived. Sort of anyway, as in this episode, they still had a few days of studying and a final exam to finish the term off. Not to worry though, as our main guy has more pressing issues to deal with. Taking you back to the last few moments of Episode 3, specifically Kaito’s non-verbal confession, we now see the repercussions of that, and exactly how Ichika dealt with it.

And dealt with it she did – by wordlessly walking away into a train to get out of there as fast as possible. Which just gets all the more awkward the next day, as both now feel nervous around each other, with both of them thinking about ways on how to somehow make it better. And what would be a better way of conveying those thoughts than a few scenes of comedic fantasized daydreams.

The tension between the two is played nicely by the sudden arrival of the mysterious-at-first lady, Manami, who tagged Kaito along for a trip to the shopping district (which eventually turned into a date). Ichika shows some sudden jealousy here and teleport-stalks them through Rinon’s Linkage.

I think it’s safe to say that Kaito is not a random womanizer, and Ichika learned that the hard way, when Tetsurou makes it clear to everyone (besides Kaito) that Manami was his married older sister. Which makes Ichika feel very bad about the things she did, and wants to make up for it. Of course, Kaito’s first thought was to get her answer from his “confession”, but decided against it, and instead opted for some tutoring, to which Ichika wholeheartedly accepted.

With Kaito, and most likely the rest of the guys, passing their finals, the stage is now set for, what I believe to be, a very romance-drama inclined summer.