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Posted on: January 26, 2012 5:49 am by small image

Winter 2012 is starting to look really good the past week, and one of the shows (for me anyway) that contributed to that is this show here. To sum it up – Developments! Developments everywhere!

Well, I might be exaggerating a bit, but they really laid this episode out very well. It starts out a bit after where the last episode trailed off, with Kaito remembering the events of last night, specifically, his “headache” scene and Ichika’s healing kiss that follows afterwards. I guess it’s safe to say that Kaito was on the verge of confessing in that scene, if Ichika hadn’t shushed him. Which leads to the rest of the episode’s events.

Kaito believes that Ichika rejected him by not allowing him to talk. The results being a few funny fantasies by him. On the other hand, Ichika thought that Kaito was about to say something along the lines of “She’s an alien! Help, Men In Black!” And yes, they really said Men in Black (lol) It makes it a little bit awkward for both of them which led to Kaito having to ditch school just to avoid talking to Ichika. Of course, Ichika didn’t know the reason for Kaito’s actions, so she consults the (probably) only friend she has in her class, Yamano Remon.

Meanwhile Kanna, Tetsurou, and Mio tried to recall the events of yesterday as well, but from the effects of the alcohol, they seem to have a dazed memory. Which was quickly reminded by a picture of Kanna doing a seductive pose, sent by Remon. Class starts and they’re surprised that Kaito called in sick for the day. Afterwards they too start to worry about Kaito, which leads to Testsurou teasing Kanna to go to Kaito’s house, which lead to some sort of pseudo-date. Remon suddenly pops up out of nowhere and gets Tetsurou and Mio and tags them along in following Kanna.

I mentioned in the last post that I’d talk more about Remon, but really, she’s just so mysterious. In episode 1 she approaches Ichika out of nowhere (well, technically from behind Ichika) and immediately joined in on Kaito’s film project. In episode 2 she was responsible for getting almost everyone drunk, and filmed the scene afterwards. In this episode she first tells Ichika of the possible reason why Kaito wanted to take the day off – him not wanting to see someone, and then doing some reconnaissance afterwards.

The rest of the episode was where the direction shines. We now have a confirmed take on their love pentagon, in a rather dramatic but very simple scene from Mio. We can now say that: Mio -> Tetsurou -> Kanna -> Kaito -> Ichika. Also worth mentioning here was the episode’s cliffhanger, with Kaito’s feeling getting the better of him, and Ichika dumbfounded. All in all, nicely done by J.C. Staff. It really has that AnoHana feel with its flow, and I hope to see them do more with it.