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Posted on: November 26, 2011 4:25 pm by small image

Another two weeks fly by and it is time for another segment of Anime Highlights! Beware, spoilers abound!


Fate/Zero episode 8

It doesn’t look like Fate/Zero will end up in the honorable mentions any more. I was a bit surprised to realize that I had not taken notice of the soundtrack before this episode because, as far as I’m concerned, it’s the bomb. Yuki Kajura has got to be one of the best composers out there right now. If you haven’t already, you should check out her previous work (most notably Madoka Magica but there are others).  Anyway, onto the show. Emiya’s fight against Lancer’s master (I can’t believe I still don’t know his name) was about as tense as a show can get, but even that was topped during the showdown between Irisviel and Kirei (Oh my god that music, I need that soundtrack. What?! It doesn’t come out until March?! *faints*). I died a little inside when she was stabbed, seriously thought she just kicked the bucket, but thank god for noble phantasms. On to episode nine!


Working’!! episode 9

WARNING! WARNING! Cuteness overload, abort mission, abort mission! . . . Ahem, seriously though, another awesomely funny episode of Working!!.  Once the piano started after Satou placed a blanket over Yachiyo I thought ‘Yup, they are just about the cutest couple ever’. I’m really hoping for some type of confession by the end of this season, be it either Satou and Yachiyo or Inami and Sota. I’ll take what ever I can get. ‘Mikki’ was also quite the riot in this episode, her over protectiveness of Yachiyo is adorable. Don’t worry Mitsuki, Satou is just about as close to a bodyguard as one can get.


Phi Brain episode 8

Phi Brain makes it into the weekly highlights this week thanks to it’s sheer nuttiness. You have no idea how hard I laughed when Kaito was saved from falling off a cliff by getting headbutted by a horse. Who comes up with this stuff anyway? I’m mean it’s way to wacky to be considered a dues ex machina, right? Ah, whatever, as long as Phi Brain continues to be entertaining there could be a tight-rope walking elephant for all I care.


Mawaru Penguindrum episode 20

I told myself I was just going to stick with fall anime for weekly highlights but this week of Mawaru Penguindrum really blew me away. Mawaru Penguindrum is like an addiction to me right now, every where I go I have an indescribable urge to blurt out “Survival Strategy!” at the top of my lungs and I feel like gushing about it’s awesomeness to anyone who shows even the slightest hint of interest. Am I in love? Maybe.  (When and if I ever get a calico cat I am so naming it sunny)



Honorable mention: Guilty Crown episode 7 – GC is quickly losing steam, in fact Aya Endo’s awesomeness was just enough for it to make an honorable mention, but the show can’t rely on her forever. It appears they’re going to torture me with another potential couple (Alto/Sheryl 2.0 anyone? I’m all for it) for it looks like Inori and Shu still have that awkward faze of youth to go through, sigh. To bad there’s no fast forward button…


Disappointment of the week: Kimi to Boku – I don’t know why but I’m really beginning to lose interest in this. If that blond dude was my friend I’d be two seconds away from giving him a good punch in the face. He is incredibly annoying.