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Posted on: January 12, 2012 7:22 pm by small image

I think I’ve seen all the first episodes for the shows that looked promising to me for winter, and I’ve whittled down my list to two to definitely watch, two to probably watch, and two to maybe watch.

Definitely Watch

Another – I enjoy a good horror and mystery, and the first episode of Another has presented a very intriguing premise. I’m really curious to see where this series will go, and I’m already enjoying guessing what will happen next. Just who is Misaki? And what is it about the name Sakakibara that the classmates fear? The animation and music are also quite nice, and there were a lot of creative shots used that really set the mood well for this series.

Natsume Yuujinchou Shi – This is the fourth season of Natsume Yuujinchou (the story of a boy who can see yokai spirits/creatures), so if you’re new to the series, you should really start with season one and work your way up from there. It’s a very charming, positive series with excellent character development. The mood shifts between sweet and bittersweet, and as season four is already showing, the plot is delving deeper into greater conflicts for Natsume to face. The quality just keeps getting better.

Probably Watch

Kill Me Baby – Opinion seems pretty split on this one, between those who found the first episode thoroughly boring and those who found it fun and amusing. I’m in the latter camp on this one, and thought our two protagonists made comical foils for one another (a dopey high school girl and an assassin[?], who are both rather ridiculous). I do see the potential for the jokes wearing thin quickly, but for now I plan on watching this.

Brave 10 – I didn’t hear anything about this show until shortly before it aired, and I gave it a try just for the heck of it. It turned out quite enjoyable! The characters are all pretty fun, and the story has a good adventurous feel to it. It reminded me a lot of Samurai 7, though perhaps Brave 10 is a little less serious, and has more of a fantasy feel to it rather than sci-fi. I’m curious to see if we’ll get a full, self-contained story for this anime, and if it will throw any surprises along the way.

Maybe Watch

The Daily Lives of High School Boys – Comedy is always subjective, and in this case I was only somewhat amused. But it did get at least a couple laughs from me, particularly from the final vignette (with the “literary girl”), so I’m probably going to try another episode before I decide if this humor style really works for me. It reminded me of Cromartie High School, but less random and more juvenile.

Inu x Boku SS – I was really looking forward to this one, since it sounded pretty unique and intriguing. But this first episode was rather… I don’t know. It felt like the whole time the show wasn’t quite sure where it was trying to go with everything. Perhaps this is an example of trying to incorporate too many genres, and in the end not doing too well with any of them. I think the Black Butler crowd will enjoy this a lot, however. (Though, oddly, the fanservice swings both ways in this…) I’ll try another episode to see if the show becomes a bit more stable.

What shows are you all planning to watch for winter? Any in particular stand out to you, or surprise you in some way?