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Posted on: February 21, 2011 12:17 am by small image

Lots of fun stuff coming up soon…

But more importantly, look at all the new stuff that just came in this weekend!

For those of you completely clueless, the two games above are the visual novels Umineko no Naku Koro ni ep. 8 and Umineko Tsubasa (a fandisc with a bunch of extras, similar to Higurashi Rei).


…This Hachune Miku doll. What kind of disease came over me to make me buy this, as a male? All I can say is it was irresistible.

So…what’s coming up.

  • The Nintendo 3DS is released February 26, and I will have one within 1-3 days of that date. I will be doing extensive coverage of it.
  • 3/9 is coming up- a date very significant for all Vocaloid fans. It’s the day of the yearly “San Kyuu” concert. I will be watching the Nico streamcast and will blog about it.
  • Whenever the Witch Hunt gets an ep. 8 compatible patch for ep. 7, I’ll start playing ep.7. Although I need to finish ep. 4 of the PS3 version first. >.>”

Anime posts will be procrastinated like crazy as all this stuff happens, so no worries. ^.^