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Posted on: March 28, 2012 9:02 pm by small image

Greetings Everyone. This time we’ll be taking a look at Amagami SS+ Plus and the changes that took place from the previous season, as well as how the overall anime concluded each heroine in their respective arc. Before we begin, please take note that obviously there will be spoilers (since we’ll be going over each character), so if you haven’t watched Amagami SS+ Plus or Amagami SS, I’d encourage you to do that first.

Just like the previous season, we have 6 arcs to cover the 6 heroines, two episodes each. In the order that they aired, it was Ayatsuji Tsukasa first, then Sakurai Rihoko, Tanamachi Kaoru, Nanasaki Ai, Nakata Sae, and Morishima Haruka, respectively. The main difference between the first season was that in season 2, we only have half the amount of air time for each character, whereas in season 1 it was four episodes each. Generally speaking, most arcs would be rushed and conclude in a way that may not really provide closure.

In Ayatsuji’s arc, we immediately see that she has kept her twin-sided personality, or more specifically we finally get to see her devilish schemes coming into full fruition. Since our main character Tachibana Junichi and Ayatsuji are in the same year, and subsequently are now in their final year of High School, the plot starts with the election of the Student Council President for their year.

While I won’t go into details of the plot, I felt this was a good way to start off the series not just with her arc, but the tv series as a whole. It makes sense for those that finished the first season recently as that concluded with Ayatsuji’s arc at the very end. I’ll be honest though and say that there are some disappointing moments in Amagami SS+ Plus. Some arcs just weren’t interesting or felt like they didn’t conclude well. Specifically, Nakata Sae (who is seen as the least liked in the anime community) had a terrible arc overall, with elements that just didn’t click with her character or with the plot. Apparently her goal was to run as the organizer for the Founder’s Festival (think of it like the school culture festival), and the main protagonist wanted to support her through the challenges and difficulty she will be facing.

Keeping that in mind, along with the events that happened in the first season, the main protagonist was supposed to assume the role of “instructor” and guide the super embarrassed and shy Nakata through her hardships. That didn’t happen. Instead, we see the main character do something on his own (by video recording her life; a little creepy), and eventually it leading to a misunderstanding. Because of this, we generally get a hit or miss scenario for each arc.

That being said, most arcs were enjoyable to some extent, albeit expected. The series did redeem itself by having Morishima Haruka’s arc as the finale. The happy-go-lucky character with a strong personality and strong fan-base does bring back elements from the first season that made it successful.

Overall, Amagami SS+ Plus feels like it was done to milk the series further, which is disappointing because I enjoyed the first season. Granted, two episodes per person isn’t exactly optimal, but I still felt the producers could have done a better job.