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Posted on: February 16, 2011 1:13 pm by small image

The last re-post from old-StudioTim regarding Gundams. I didn’t have enough time to take pictures of other Gundams I’ve built, but hopefully Raikoh will be able to cover a lot of the other Gundams when he gets a decent camera and has enough spare time. I’ve added a new review category: Building and Costs. Hai Dozo.


Initial Thoughts:

The Oowashi and Shiranui Akatsuki Gundam are very unique as you can see from the photos. The Gundam looks as if it’s made out of Gold, which is the obvious effect the manufacturers were going for. The amount of detail is truly astonishing; when I constructed this Gundam, I wore gloves because I didn’t want to get any fingerprints on it—Yes, i’m THAT hardcore. Oowashi comes with the DRAGOON pack which I covered previously in the Display: Strike Freedom post. Akatsuki is probably my second favourite Gundam, trailing really close behind Harute. I won’t spoil any details regarding just what exactly the gold-plated armour does, for those interested in actually watching the SEED series. If you’re so inclined to find out, just google Akatsuki Gundam.

You may be wondering why I said Shiranui and Oowashi when I’m only talking about one Gundam. The fact is, Akatsuki Gundam has two different versions—titled Oowashi and Shiranui if you haven’t figured it out—for the different assortment of armaments that it can carry. I don’t know what Oowashi or Shiranui mean, but a simple google search will probably figure that out easily (I’m too lazy). The main difference between the two is that Oowashi (featured in this post) comes with the DRAGOON backpack, while Shiranui comes with the dual railguns and flight mode backpack. I will cover Shiranui in a later post.

Pictures and Analysis:

I simply love the shield that Akatsuki comes with. Although technically you’re supposed to paint and decorate the shield, I don’t have a paint or decoration set and I probably wouldn’t do it anyway (I said I’m hardcore, but I guess I’m not). However, the shield is still super awesome. I consider it one of the trademarks of Akatsuki. The dark grey and rose-coloured parts really complement the Gold, making the joints look separate. From a constructive standpoint, it makes sense since you wouldn’t be able to cover the joints with gold if those are parts that are moving the most (it would severely limit its movement and mobility).



Oowashi comes with the option—just like Strike Freedom—to attach clear plastic “launcher” parts to the DRAGOONs on its backpack, making it look like it’s in action and is currently engaging the enemy. It also comes with the standard Beam Rifle, and two Beam sabers which can combine to one large dual-edged saber.

oowashi oowashi

Building and Cost

Akatsuki is truly unique. The only other Gundam that looks similar to Oowashi Akatsuki is, you guessed it, Shiranui Akatsuki. Even then, these two Gundams are the only ones to date with metallic plating. I frequently change poses for Akatsuki since it’s so wonderful to look at in many different angles. In terms of pricing, this Gundam costs more than your other 1/144 SEED/Destiny ones, for obvious reasons. While I was in Japan I had the privilege of buying this on sale during the 30th anniversary, costing me only about $16 USD. Likewise, I also bought Shiranui for the same price. If you plan to buy this, be prepared to pay anywhere from $20 to $40 USD. Part-wise, it comes with the average amount that a 1/144 Gundam would. It took me a longer time to build this, since I was very careful (and wearing gloves) when connecting its pieces. I’d say it took me around 5-6 hours with breaks.

That’s my review for Oowashi Akatsuki Gundam. Enjoy the last two photos.

oowashi oowashi