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Posted on: October 16, 2011 8:07 pm by small image

Are you all ready? I’m going to take everyone’s picture now.

Why are we doing this again?

It will help me cope with my father’s death.

(sigh) Guess it can’t be helped.

Is here good?



Did you take it yet?


There we go… Almost perfect. If only we had some tamayura in there.

We failed, then.

Wait, shouldn’t we have done peace signs? Take another picture.

Oh, okay. (SNAP)

Is it over? I kind of have to meet up with that cross-dressing king I summoned.

Is this a game you’re talking about? Like Yugioh?


You should join my karuta club. It’s a card game, and tons of fun.

My brother’s looking for a club to join. Is this game hard to play?

You just need to memorize a hundred poems, and then–

Never mind.

Whoa, twins! Hey, are you two like the twins from Ouran High School Host Club?! Do you talk in unison?

The cold shoulder, huh? Well we have ways to make you talk…

Try not to stir trouble, Inga.

All this talk of games… Karuta is nothing compared to the games I come up with! Nothing beats a series of murders with the aid of clairvoyance-enhanced cell phones. Makes me wonder how First and Second are doing.

Murders? What’s this about? And who are you, anyways?

He is the God of Time and Space, Deus Ex Machina.

I… see… So who’s First?

No. Yuki is First.

Um… Oh, so his name’s Yuki. And how about Second?


No, I don’t know. Who’s Second?

No, Yuno.

I don’t, actually. Hence why I’m asking.


No… I don’t! Okay, how about you just point out who Second is here.

(glomps Yuki from behind, pinning him to the ground)


Yuno’s on First.

Don’t worry, Yuki… I’ll protect you!

F-f-from what?!

Demonic neko-chan!

(floats by)

There’s… no way that’s a real cat.


What is this I don’t even.

Hello, everynyan!


And I thought I was weird!

What in the name of all that is holy…

Merii Kurisumasu…

I’ve seen enough. (leaves)


Oh, come on now. I think he’s rather interesting.

(runs over) Oh no! I’m too late for the picture, aren’t I? (sniff) (glub) (sniffle) (ah) (sniff)

It’s okay… I can take plenty more pictures.

Take a picture of me and Yuki. (lifts Yuki off the ground by the neck, then pushes her head against his)

Uh… Sure. (SNAP)

I’m not sure which is creepier… This or the girl stuck in the room full of worm bugs.

Or even worse… those cats… At this point I’d do anything to see a normal-looking cat.

(walks over, then flops onto the ground)

Oh.. that one’s not so bad. (falls to the ground, then flops onto side) What?!

(dramatic Latin chanting music)

It’s like… our minds are connected… I’ve lost… the ability… to control myself…

Oh no… (sniffle) (glub) (wah-hah) (sniff) (gulp)

Well, there’s a time to go, and a time to un-go.

And this is a time to go. (leaves with Inga)

W-wait… Were any of you interested in karuta?

(slips away)

No, I need MOAR bishies in my card game club.

Ah-ha-ha, good luck with that. (leaves)

W-wait for me… (sniff) (oh) (sniff) (whine) (leaves)

Well, looks like it’s just you and me, Yuki.

I’m still here…

Me too.

Oh! Well…


(Background singers: Chibi Devi, Chibi Devi, Chibi Devi, Chibi Devi!)

No… Something even scarier than Yuno has appeared…

Run for it! (disappears)

(runs away)

(runs away)

(runs after Yuki)