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Posted on: August 26, 2011 9:35 am by small image

Hey guys, Leap250 here, back to bring you my thoughts on a series that really surprised me after finishing it. Yes, as the title says, I’m talking about Mushi-shi. I also picked up a new series to watch, and, well, yeah, I’ll tell you about it as well.

After having finished Mushi-shi, I was left with only high praises and retaken words. I’ve come across this title many times in the past, but I always paid it no heed. The reason is well, the synopses I read about it were pretty vague, and does not catch your attention initially. Which, ironically, was what grabbed my attention. Based on MAL’s rankings, it is currently in the top 13 spot of top anime titles. I was like “with a story like that, it’s rated higher than Kara no Kyoukai?” (for future reference, KnK is my all-time favorite) So I thought, what the hell, and finally had the drive (and the time) to watch.

All I can say is, Mushi-shi can stay at 13 for as long as it wants. It deserves it. Really.

I never would have thought that this show would prove me so wrong, that I even checked out the manga (which is basically the same thing, save for later chapters that were not animated) This series is truly one for the books. A perfect example of how episodic anime can be good. The flow of the story, the characters, the scenery, the dialogue, everything was set in perfect motion.

Though, as good as it may be, I do have one minor thing to note about it. Try as I may, I couldn’t bring myself to watch more than two-to-three episodes at a time. A single episode’s, for a lack of a clearer term, substance was too heavy for me to take in. I once tried watching maybe five episodes, and I swear, the dialogue just ran past my eyes.

Despite that, I was able to finish in a week and a half or so. Definitely not a bad series, and to those made curious by this post, check it out. It’ll be a nice experience, I bet.

Now, on to what I picked up recently. I came across this title after looking up the genre ‘psychological’ (yes, I’m a new fan of this theme) and with 8 episodes in, psychological does not even begin to describe this.

Bokurano [Ours] is looking to be another addition to my ever growing collection. This series is more of a psychological-thriller combo that really gets my brain flipping. Deconstruction at its best, Bokurano basically takes the mecha genre, and shoves it into a blender filled with sadness, grief, loneliness (and from what I’m guessing) a dash of hope. This give us a nice, fresh, smoothie of an anime, that I’m hoping will end on a good note.

I’m really loving Bokurano, so to those who’ve watched it, spare me the spoilers, please ^_^

That’s about it from me. Nothing much to say about the Summer titles, since Penguindrum is beating almost everyone. So, yeah, ’till next time.

On a side note, my review on Mushi-shi can be found here, if anybody’s interested.