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Posted on: January 29, 2011 10:18 am by small image

Victorica does not approve.

As a Sherlock Holmes ripoff, Gosick does a great job giving the classic duo the anime treatment. Not to mention setting Watson as the male protagonist with an abusive female Sherlock makes for some great lolz. Also, I’m a sucker for mysteries, so this series quenches my thirst rather well.

But seriously, female Sherlock is my new favorite genderbend. Victorica is way too adorable.

So what’s the story this episode? A blonde trying to replace Victoria’s place as Kazuya’s ‘ideal woman’. Hm….I think deducing the culprit being a blonde based off of Kazuya’s daydream was a bit of stretch…but the point of a mystery is to be sharp enough to pick out the importance of insignificant things like that.

“I will reconstruct the fragments of chaos for you.”

The mystery as to the exact nature of Victoria’s past is rather interesting…there’s several fragments that have been tossed onto the table currently- “The Golden Fairy of the Library”, “The Gray Wolf”, and the general outline of the situation surrounding Victoria’s imprisonment within the school. But I don’t think much can be drawn from this info alone. Argh…how much longer until the next episode?! XD

Gosick is definitely my personal favorite this season. It may not be leading in its animation quality, but the source material is certainly top-notch. And at any rate, I just can’t get enough of mysteries. 😛