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Posted on: August 24, 2011 4:30 pm by small image

Last week I finally got around to watching GOSICK. I just finished watching episode 8, so that means there are 16 more episodes to go. So far, I am enjoying the series because of Victorique, the main heroine. She is this small little girl who seems to be able to solve any sort of mystery thrown at her. They haven’t explained why she’s so smart and talented yet, though I am starting to suspect maybe I would have to refer to the manga to find that out instead.

The real reason I wanted to post was because the first ending theme to the series, titled Resuscitated hope, is truly a remarkable song. There’s something about it that I love; it could be the really funny Engrish throughout the song, which actually does not sound all that bad, it could be the lyrics that match what I think of Victorique’s personality, or it could be because the whole rock tunes paired with orchestral strings make for a really nice combination.

Please enjoy this short post, featuring GOSICK ED 1 from Youtube: