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Posted on: October 27, 2011 8:39 pm by small image

Time for another horror manga! AAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaああああああああああ

Today’s manga is………. Corpse Party: Blood Covered.

“Hey… this is nothing like the Thriller music video!”

Though the title makes it sound like zombie night at the club, Corpse Party is actually about a bunch of teens trapped in a school full of murderous ghosts. This is a manga based on a video game of the same name, which was released in Japan on PC, then ported to PSP (and followed by a sequel called Corpse Party: Book of Shadows). The game is being translated into English, and will soon be available to download on PSP (presumably by the end of the year). It’s basically a 16-bit (Genesis/SNES graphics) horror game that is heavily story-driven, making it a lot like a visual novel.

This is what the game looks like, by the way.

There are at least a couple manga for the series out there, but this post will be on Corpse Party: Blood Covered (AKA not the hentai spinoff). I looked into this manga because I heard about the game, which sounded very interesting. (Not that I have a PSP or anything… but maybe one day I will!) About two and a half volumes have been scanslated so far, and I’ve found it all rather interesting (though the group really could have used an editor to check spelling and grammar at times… THE HORROR).

Dat wimpy, scaredy-cat male lead!

The manga begins with a group of high school students gathered together for ghost stories. Through a certain series of events, they all end up in an old elementary school where several children had died in grisly manners. Everyone gets separated via supernatural events, and it becomes everyone’s goal to find each other and get out of the school alive… somehow. Suffice to say it’s not a mere matter of walking to the front door and leaving!

The characters are kept fairly simple, though they each seem to have some personality quirks and flaws that make the survival game a little more interesting. There are seven high schoolers, a teacher, and a middle schooler (the protagonist’s little sister). The focus of the story is definitely on its dark tone though, and it does a good job building up the tension leading to the big scares.

The horror segments are GRIPPING.

If I ever get my hands on a PSP, I’ll definitely want to give this game a go! But for now I’m enjoying the manga. It plays out much like a horror movie, with plenty of pain and ominous situations for our characters to deal with. There isn’t much to contemplate storywise (at least not yet), but if you’re looking for a series of scares and thrills, then Corpse Party may be just the ticket.