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Posted on: January 28, 2011 7:33 pm by small image

This series really doesn’t bring anything new to the table; It’s just another robot battling + harem anime. It’s not all that bad altogether though.

Not to start out with complaints, but I really can’t stand this woman. She’s 500% tsun to the point that there’s no time for dere. Without some proper balancing, she fails to be a likable character. No, her personality can’t even be classified as tsundere. She’s simply arrogant to the extreme.

Guy gets pwned by women. Apparently the creator of this series is a sadist.

“It can’t be helped, right? Since you’re weaker!”

Even worse is how he doesn’t deny this.

Some legitimate tundere isn’t bad though. +10 for the fangs as well.

A protagonist who doesn’t listen to a women’s demands isn’t bad either. (Fang happens to be my favorite pick out of this anime, if you couldn’t tell yet.)

See? Well, maybe it’s just my own tastes, but I find that people with a goal in mind tend to have a more flush character, and in the end are just more awesome. ^.^

“My parents divorced.”

*sniffle* ….I knew she was a good girl at heart….

Ah, sorry, just to fill people in briefly: my parents divorced a little less than a year ago. ^.^” It seems, as a result, I’m more understanding/soft to this kind of thing now.

YOU….getting in the way of her pure, innocent heart…She’s been through some tough times, you know! What have you been through, manners education? Oh wait, that can’t be right.

*sigh* Well, this is what happens in a harem setting.

By saving time on animation using 3D models for the battle scenes, the animators are able to do some really colorful (although not necessarily the most fluid) animation. Plot is pretty generic, but the characters have some flesh to them. Not a bad series to watch in the end.