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Posted on: February 16, 2011 8:59 pm by small image

There’s a lot of irrelevant characters around lately, aren’t there?

“I’ll have you go out with me!”

….Uh, sorry, but if you go with an approach that blunt, there’s a 90% chance the guy will misunderstand you.

…As I said…alot of irrelevant characters recently….Although a trap isn’t a bad addition.

Er, sorry guys, my mistake. No way this one’s a trap, right?

Nothing suspicious at all about changing quickly. There’s no way this one’s a trap.

There’s no way blushing in normally non-awkward situations with guys makes this one a trap, folks. Just no way at all.

It’s not like the teacher’s a genius for figuring out who they’re interested in, fyi.

…But I have to say causing their attitudes to take a complete 180 must have required some careful thinking. Nice one, teacher-who’s-name-I’ve-already-forgotten.

Deja vu from Gosick right when Kujo was going to eat that dog turd cookie crumbles.

Ok, we officially have a homo-protagonist. Since there’s no way he’s a trap.

…Exactly the same face I was having when I considered the possibility of a French boy being a trap.

PRECISELY the face I had when I thought for an instance that a French boy might actually be a trap. Good thing he isn’t.


There’s no way he’s a trap. No way. So dozo~, have some body soap.

“It couldn’t be…You want to see them?”

1. Yes

2. Yes

(Why is it with only these choices, the protagonist will always refuse to answer?!)

I think a trap’s not a bad idea. Apparently the protagonist thinks so too, based on the feeding session he just had with her.