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Posted on: January 31, 2011 9:55 pm by small image

Yuusuke’s imagination: +99999.

Seriously, Yuusuke is probably going to take the best male protagonist award this season. Zombie+Masou Shoujo+Onii-chan delusion = epic win.

Seriously, I can’t stop laughing whenever Yuusuke’s onii-chan delusions pop up. Er wait, I guess ‘fantasy’ is the better word. Ah, how I wish I had a younger sister…(Am I a creepy pervert? Probably. Would having an obedient Necromancer little sister be awesome? Probably.)

The great thing about KoreZombie is that it’s able to execute a wide range of styles well, from mystery to comedy- the mystery element digs at my curiosity, and meeting/getting killed by the mystery murderer again was definitely an exciting twist.

“Do I have to answer?”

But if Yuusuke wins as the best male protagonist, Hellscythe comes awfully close to being the best female protagonist this season (although the women’s side has a lot more competition with opponents like Victoria). I wouldn’t have said that previously, but this episode in particular shows just how potent of a character she is.

See? They covered the basic points to make Hellscythe into a likable character, by providing a basic explanation for silence despite a rather active personality (hopefully you could feel the vibe when she said she liked Yuusuke’s….uh, dance from last episode?).

…*sniffle* *sniffle* I’ll always be your onii-chan, ok? *sniffle*

See? Not only does Yuusuke do a good job of playing comedic roles, he can also be awesome at the serious points as well.

But of course, what’s a zombie anime without some Mahou Shoujo elements mixed in? XD I feel like this episode covered all of the elements of this series, and did a fairly good job of it. This final battle scene was definitely the weak link though; It just couldn’t stand up with the epic crying scene that preceded it.

(I’m addicted to the ED; The 8-bit music is catchy, and it’s fun watching Hellscythe dance while Yuusuke burns.)

KoreZombie has grown on me a ton, especially this episode; While I really, really love the mystery and European setting of Gosick, KoreZombie might be doing it better. Definitely a must-watch this season.