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Posted on: June 29, 2012 10:29 pm by small image

Acchi Kocchi, as I may have mentioned before, is an enjoyable comedy series that I’m glad came out this spring, giving me something fun and mindless to enjoy each week. But on top of being really funny, this series was really cute. And I mean, reaaaaaaaaaaally cute. It’s somehow pulled off in a way that I never found it overbearingly cute, but at the same time I was having one of those HNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGG heart attacks pretty much every episode. Such is the point, such is the humor. Not every episode is hilarious, but overall it was the surprise of the season for me.

Favorite Characters

Io – How can I not start the list off with Io? The most kindhearted and charismatic boy you’ll ever find in a comedy. Each episode he pulls off the most overly-romantic lines you can come up with for each situation, and yet he somehow completely misses how head over heels Tsumiki is for him. Instead of coming off as stupid or annoying, the appropriate reaction for most of Io’s scenes is–indeed–the sudden nosebleed. Believe it or not, there’s probably more blood in Acchi Kocchi than in most horror anime. XD

Tsumiki – The heart of the series (and its jokes) is in the way Tsumiki and Io interact. Tsumiki is incredibly tsundere, but it’s of the shy variety, where she’ll just wig out whenever she gets an overdose of Io loving (or rather, the appearance of such). Her expressions (often cat-like in nature) are absolutely hilarious, and you can’t help but go “DAAAAAAWWWW” whenever she nervously tries to get closer to Io in some way.

Hime, Mayoi, and Sakaki – All the characters in Acchi Kocchi are pretty much just one-note characters, but they each play their role so well, that I don’t really mind. At the end of the day, a comedy just needs to be funny–and thanks to the interactions of the five main characters, Acchi Kocchi was regularly very funny. I liked the fun atmosphere that accompanied the five friends, as they went from activity to activity in wild, ridiculous, and melodramatic ways.

Brief Notes on the Series in General


Really funny–I laughed several times in pretty much every episode

Really adorable–I HNNNNNNGGGG’ed several times in pretty much every episode

All five of the main characters are lots of fun, and are easy to like

Really clever (and cute) scene transitions


Would have liked a little resolution at the end there… (You know… a confession or something?)

Some segments of the series just weren’t too funny (At the start of the series, I called it “hit and miss”)

A lot of jokes are puns/plays on words, so some things do get lost in translation (I’d be curious to see how an official release would handle this series)

Final Words

Who else watched this show? Looking at, it seems there were more viewers than I expected for this series. I mean, it looked really generic to me before it started, so it rather surprised me when it turned out to be so kawaii and amusing. I’m glad I watched it though, and certainly wouldn’t mind seeing a second season for this one day!

Are there any favorite moments in the series that come to mind? I think my favorite bit may be when Tsumiki was dared to put lipstick on sleeping Io’s face, and she thought she needed to kiss him with it (rather than just draw with it)–and upon realizing this, leaped into a futon to hide her embarrassment. Also, I pretty much died when Tsumiki randomly used some kind of DBZ energy blast to blow up the giant snowball protecting Mayoi. Lots of ridiculous stuff in this series, but it was quite enjoyable. XD