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Posted on: June 27, 2012 1:21 am by small image

Like Fate/Zero, Kimi to Boku was another returning anime that had a nice long winter break, and was a show I was really looking forward to watching more of! The first season was admittedly a bit slow at first, but once the characters were established the show became lots of fun. So how did the second season fare?

Favorite Characters

Throughout the first season I felt there weren’t any characters that particularly stood out to me, but in the second season there was one subplot that really got my attention. While I like all five of the main characters in Kimi to Boku and feel each one of them is important for the role he plays, the second season has given us some progress in regards to Chizuru’s infatuation with Mary.

Chizuru – He started out as just this (overly?) energetic boy who liked to goof around, but he’s since shown to be rather considerate at times, and has all in all been a good friend to everyone. I quite liked how the series managed to capture his struggle to understand his feelings for Mary and how to continue interacting with her appropriately, when knowing she is infatuated with Shun. The series developed their relationship just a little bit at a time, which felt rather realistic to me. This isn’t a dramatic romance series full of plot twists–it’s just characters day by day trying to decide how to act on their feelings.

Mary – The most prevalent side character in the series, Mary was a bit difficult to like at first, though over time she began to show more of her kinder side. At the start of season two, I wasn’t expecting the status quo to be changed much in regards to the Chizuru-Mary-Shun dynamic. But as it turned out, the show began to move things along, and once Chizuru confessed to Mary she had to begin examining the possibility of liking someone other than Shun. Kimi to Boku takes its time letting Mary go through this gradual transition, and in the end I think there is still hope for things to work out between her and Chizuru. It makes me want to check out the manga some time, at least–and perhaps hope for a third anime season, one day?

Brief Notes on the Series in General


  • A nice, laid-back, feel-good atmosphere
  • Slice-of-life that really delves into small yet significant events teens experience in their high school years
  • An interesting cast of characters, primarily in how they interact with one another
  • Some nice romance sub-plots are developed in surprising ways
  • Nice art style, calm/upbeat music, and plenty of kittehs


  • Some episodes are simply not as good as others
  • Some characters just aren’t developed much

Final Words

So we didn’t exactly get a conclusive ending for this anime, but as an episodic slice-of-life series, I suppose this isn’t a huge concern. We did get a number of subplots with side characters acknowledged throughout the second season, so it was nice to see how everyone from the first season has been faring. The main characters continued to amuse me with their amusing dialogue, and I liked how the series dealt with the issues teens face regarding romance. Overall I felt Kimi to Boku was 26 episodes worth watching, and that it successfully managed to stand out amongst the many high school slice-of-life series that have been made over the years.