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Posted on: January 30, 2011 9:15 am by small image

This is the big show this season. Colorful, fluid animation. Beautiful characters. Tragic plot. Some horror. And most of all….*sigh*….Shaft being Shaft. But besides that one minus (or plus, depending on how you look at it), this series is one of the best this season.

For once, a Mahou Shoujo anime where the heroine isn’t always crying over something completely pointless…(although she does seem to be always crying.) By the way, whose idea was it to combine a Mahou Shoujo anime with horror? Because while the result happens to be rather good, I can’t even begin to imagine how intoxicated they must have been to push through with the idea.

Besides the character’s faces being drawn twice as wide as is normal, alot of the art in this series is rather awe inspiring, like the backgrounds here.’

Now, who was the source of all this pain and suffering again? The witches, or…

…Or this little runt? Seriously, this little pet is like some dangerous drug dealer selling potentially deadly drugs to little girls. I think this guy far outdoes the evil witches.

As typical of Mahou Shoujo anime, they have characters whose personalities correspond to the color of their hair. However, MSMM has some extra depth that alot of other series don’t (because Mahou Shoujo anime are typically directed at children, right? ^.^”””” I get the feeling I’m going to get flamed over this.)

That’s…a rather interesting way of walking. Is it supposed to be the suicidal walk or something? Or were the artists at Shaft drinking too much again?

Ooh, I definitely know this feeling- when you try to do the right thing, but you know that you’ll get in trouble for it…*shudders*

What?! Shaft not being Shaft?! Actual animations in the magic world?!?!

Ah….no, sorry, false call.

And it’s Mahou Shoujo Miki to the rescue! Definitely liked the animation/effects in this scene.

And of course she laughs off the death contract she just signed. (Miki’s actually a pretty awesome character, I hope she doesn’t die….>.>”)

Ah, and then here’s Ms. Irrelevant, who’s having a fit because Miki became a Mahou Shoujo. Boo-hoo.

Since when did a Mahou Shoujo anime actually have some plot? XD Mahou Shoujo Madoka is definitely the series to watch this season. It has the best animation quality out of anything I’ve watched this season, for one. And then the concept/plot are intriguing. What’s not to like here?