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Posted on: February 20, 2012 9:34 pm by small image

#5 – Medaka Box (Isin Nisio)


The first thing that Medaka Kurokami does upon becoming the Student Council President is establish a suggestion box, later called the “Medaka Box” by the students. Since she ends up becoming the only Coun cil member after the elections, Medaka asks his childhood friend Zenkichi Hitoyoshi for help. Together they spend their days solving the problems submitted through the suggestion box, which includes fighting abnormally powerful opponents.

Reasons for licensing:  Wonderfully abstract shounen series that is really unlike anything else. The diverse characters offer up some zany action and adventure that is sure to be remembered. The manga is ending soon, and will also receive an anime adaptation in Spring 2012 (those two facts are more closely linked than you might initially expect).

Reasons against licensing: There are strong main characters, and then there are main characters that are so strong they become a force with the sole purpose of serving as an obstacle to the rest of the characters. Medaka is the latter, sometimes being so baffling a character that it becomes off-putting. The manga also features a myriad of references and fourth-wall breaking that might make releasing this outside Japan difficult.



#6 – History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi (Syun Matsuena)


Kenichi is an average 16-year old high school student who has been bullied his whole life. On his first day, he is saved by  fellow classmate Miu. In order to get stronger, he follows her advice and eventually joins Ryozanpaku, a dojo run by Miu’s grandfather where the strongest masters of martial arts gather. Kenichi has to face the many delinquent groups across the area while trying to survive his masters’ intense training.

Reasons for licensing: Simply put, shonen martial arts at its best. Kenichi’s struggles against his many foes are page-turners.

Reasons against licensing: At 46 volumes and counting, Kenichi is a massive undertaking for any company licensing and releasing manga. The art, while excellent in more recent volumes, isn’t particularly attractive during the first few books, leaving a bad impression on anyone who stumbles upon the book for the first time.



#7 – Freezing (Im Dal Young)


Earth has been invaded and is at war against an alien race known as the Nova. In order to fight against them, Pandoras and Limiters, genetically modified young women and their male partners who use a special “freezing” ability to limit the Nova’s movements, are made to fight against them. Kazuya Aoi is a Limiter whose sister was once one of the most powerful Pandoras alive. On his first day at West Genetics, one of the many academies where Pandoras and Limiters train, he meets Satellizer el Bridget, a cold Pandora who is feared by many throughout the school. The story follows Kazuya’s relationship with Satellizer, as well as their ongoing struggles to defend humanity from the Nova threat.

Reasons for licensing: Gorgeous character designs, flashy combat and an interesting premise set this one apart.

Reasons against licensing: Takes way too long to get to the good parts. The fan service is frequent, even for normal ecchi standards.



 #8 – GE~Good Ending (Keiko Sakaki)


Seiji Utsuki is in love with the captain of the tennis club, Shou Iketani. One day, Seiji gets caught spying at her during practice by another member of the club, Yuki Kurokawa. Yuki decides to help Seiji get closer to Shou, but could she also be harboring feelings of her own?

Reasons for licensing: A very solid romance that is very shoujo-like, proving to be accessible to everyone who might give it a shot. The main female character is mysterious and captivating, leading one to keep reading.

Reasons against licensing: Still ongoing. As cool as the female protagonist may be, the male protagonist is pretty cliché; he isn’t bad, but there’s nothing special about him. Too much drama that is far too exaggerated, with characters crying once every two chapters once the story gets moving.