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Posted on: November 16, 2011 6:01 am by small image

Greetings everyone. It’s been awhile since my last post here at Yumestate due to my last University semester catching up on me. Nonetheless, I feel it is always good to provide monthly updates (no matter how late) for our readers and authors.

First and foremost, I am Canadian, and I thought I should mention that November 11th was Remembrance Day, which is an official observed holiday that signifies Canada’s respect for its soldiers. For those that are unfamiliar with the Canadian tradition, we honour those that have taken part in previous wars and battles, and those that continue to make a difference in keeping Canada safe. Remembrance day is our way of acknowledging and mourning the lives of hard-working men and women, as well as blessing those that continue to fight for Canada. To show respect, we have a moment of silence (usually in public places like schools and large government offices), followed by a trumpet solo of the “Last Post“. As always, thank you to those that fight for our freedom.

I guess I also forgot to mention Halloween, but since we had some special manga recommendations from Cholisose, I think we have that covered quite well. Be sure to drop a comment, if you dare! :P. Halloween is a big deal in North America, where trick or treat is the popular activity to obtain various sweets from random strangers (that doesn’t sound sketchy at all). It is one of our most active events for dressing up in costumes!

Now to completely change the pace of this post, I thought I would mention for those into collecting figurines, merchandise and the like to check out HobbySearch’s November PVC Bargain Sales on right now. There are many different items and products on sale, and for a drastically reduced price at that. If you’re into collecting Nendoroids like me, you’ll want to take this chance to spot some deals.

In regards to YumeState, we haven’t had much activity lately due to IRL issues with our authors. For me, I’ve been tied to too many things with school, as this is my final semester and I will be graduating in December. Many of us just finished mid-terms, and even though group work and assignments are now rushing in to take over. It almost feels like we never get a break from all that work. Despite this, we still managed somehow to product content—albeit at a slower pace—and I am grateful to our authors in doing so. It seems we have a fairly common set of shows that we are all following, and it’ll be interesting to read everyone’s thoughts and observations once we get to season finales for our respective TV series.

I feel a bit like Saber right now with my university term O_O

Fall TV series are mostly past the halfway mark now, meaning most shows are either on their 7th or 8th episodes now. This means you can expect some first impression posts from me (if I am able to get around to it), and most likely our authors if they have time (they’ll most likely post on their own blog, check them out!). Shows that I am following are Shinryaku Ika Musume 2, Working`!!, Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukanai, and Fate/Zero. Let us know what you’re watching in the comments as well!

Our Facebook page hasn’t been getting many hits lately, only because I haven’t been around to promote it. However, it seems that our website is becoming more and more popular according to the stats that I’m running through search engines. Even though we do not have as many comments as we do visitors, we are hitting a massive amount of traffic! Since the official launch of our Yumestate website in September, at the time of writing this we’re at 395,225 hits! That’s almost 400,000 Since two months ago! I’m sure there are websites out there that are of course much more successful than Yumestate, but personally that feels like such an accomplishment considering we built this website from ground up. I am just proud of the fact that we’ve had success with our blog so far. Thank you to everyone that contributed and is contributing to Yumestate!

As always, please continue to visit and support our authors through their blogs as well. There are some fantastic articles written on their blogs, and I encourage those that are interested to scroll down to the network links on the left side of the page. That’s it for this November’s monthly update!