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Posted on: April 3, 2012 12:43 am by small image

Hello, I’m back from a two season break to bring you some quick first impressions of the 2012 spring season. First up is Zetman!

Da na na na na na na na ZETMAN!

There’s always one way I can tell if I’m really going to enjoy a show, and that is when I start talking to the screen. Well, it’s either that or I’m watching a really bad horror movie. Zetman, though, is anything but bad horror movie.

Okay, in a nutshell Zetman  (why do I have the urge to pronounce this as Zet-A-Man?) is about this young boy who is supposedly a man made mutant, or at least that’s what I was led to believe. The introduction info dump was a bit misleading for me, since it planted early on in  my mind that this was probably going to be kind of like the history of superman mixed with the fashion sense of Batman Beyond, but the end result left me pleasantly surprised. Yes, in a way Zetman does have some of those qualities, but the way they are presented is entirely unique and that’s what I loved about it. Plus, Zetman gets extra points from me for having Awesome Lady.

I now dub thee Awesome Lady!

Seriously, she kicks some serious ass. She’s officially my favorite superhero parent/mom/sister ever. It’s like Alicia Florence got a job in ass kicking and started over in life working at a strip club. I love her already.

Since this was obviously just a ‘prequel episode’ the preview for next week seems to indicate the show is jumping ahead a few years. As a result of this time change, my only worry is that teenage Jin appears to have that brooding ‘woe is me’ look. I really hope that he doesn’t trade in the spunk he had as a child for that permanent frown. He can be depressed every now and again (his life isn’t all kittens and dandies after all) but being able to have ‘hope’ in such a desperate situation would say more about his character in the long run (note: I did not say ‘stay eternally optimistic’,  if that were the case then he’d just be like any other shounen protagonist). Only time will tell whether or not this will turn out well, but I am certainly looking forward to more.

(Next time on First Impressions – Accel World)