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Posted on: January 14, 2012 6:28 pm by small image

Greetings everyone, with the start of week 2 this season, it looks like there’s just going to be too much material to cover if I am following this many shows. Instead, I have decided to cover my two main favourites, Nisemonogatari and Amagami SS+. I have a strong urge to cover Another, but that will decided once episode 2 airs and whether or not I feel up to blogging about it. With that being said…

Amagami SS+ continues to be enjoyable, despite it having somewhat predictable endings and nothing REALLY out of the ordinary. Instead of the 24 episodes we had the first season that allowed for each character’s arc to be four episodes, we get 12 episodes this time, meaning each arc should only be two episodes each.

With the conclusion of the second episode, we start and end with with Ayatsuji Tsukasa’s arc, moving on to the chubby, but kawaii Sakurai Rihoko. As someone who was extremely disappointed with her original arc in the first season, I’m expecting great things this time around. I’m a bit nervous though, as having high expectations for any anime usually results in disappointing moments and sometimes endings altogether. I have faith in Amagami SS though, as the ending to Rihoko’s wasn’t exactly a bad end, but one that I personally felt should have been done better. To those that haven’t watched the first season, don’t worry, I won’t spoil anything (Keep in mind though that if you’re watching Amagami SS+ before watching the first season, you’ll be missing out on A LOT of content).

Ayatsuji was one of my less favourite characters, though I did like her story and personality in the first season. She’s one of those characters where you can’t really decide if you REALLY like her, or just appreciate her for who she is. In sharp contrast to Morishima Haruka, who has a very playful nature and fun personality, guys tend to like girls similar to Haruka more. For me, Ayatsuji’s arc was more of an introduction to the series as a whole, and I felt it did a good job of drawing in the audience from the first season.

Nisemonogatari 2 hasn’t been fansubbed by Commie yet, and as I don’t have a subscription to Crunchyroll and refuse to watch it from other available subgroups, I will update my post once I finish.

I just finished Nisemonogatari episode 2.
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