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Posted on: February 27, 2012 10:33 pm by small image

Greetings everyone, I’m back from my trip to Hong Kong and Japan. I spent the two weeks visiting family, hiking the mountains, sight-seeing the city, experiencing the culture, eating all different kinds of cuisine, and shopping for my favourite goods that can’t be found in Canada (or is hard to come by). Even though I was only gone for two weeks, having to re-adjust my schedule was definitely not fun and took a lot of time to fix.

For those interested, I plan to write a post or two regarding my vacation on my “About Me” page. You can find links to those posts within that page, as I want to keep the main area anime/manga related. The posts will most likely be about food, since I do enjoy trying different cuisines of all sorts.

With that being said, I apologize for the lack of updates on my part. We have officially past the mid-season mark for most currently-airing anime, where we’re headed into episodes 7 and 8. For those that don’t know, I am following Another, Nisemonogatari, Amagami SS+ plus, Mouretsu Pirates, Senki Zesshou Symphogear, Kill Me Baby, Inu X Boku SS, Aquarion EVOL, and Black★Rock Shooter. There are a few series that I am not up-to-date with, specifically Aquarion EVOL and Black★Rock Shooter. I simply do not have enough time to blog about each series, so instead I focus on three: Another, Nisemonogatari, and Amagami SS+ plus. Lets take a look at how each series is doing so far.


Another is a series that I look forward to watching each week. It continues to surprise me with plot twists and the feeling of foreshadowing in many different scenes. At certain points you wonder who is going to die next, and it almost seems like you know for sure that a character will die, only to have someone else randomly drop dead.

The pacing feels natural with each episode, allowing you fully grasp what’s happening the first time watching it. Sometimes when it comes to heavily-driven plot anime, they lose some viewers by explaining to much or including a lot of content in the 24 minute slot. I feel this is not the case with Another. Each episode explains the story carefully, allowing the audience to absorb everything that is taking place.

I have positive thoughts on the outcome of Another. It is able keep viewers guessing week-to-week and stay intrigued by the mystery. The main character Sakakibara is able to find answers to some questions in each episode, but for some reason as the viewer, you find that there is always another question that remains to be clarified.

Amagami SS+ plus

And here we have my favourite Romance Anime continuing with its second season! So far in the series we’ve finished four arcs: Ayatsuji Tsukasa, Sakurai Rihoko, Nanasaki Ai, and Tanamachi Kaoru. Each arc lasts two episodes, and even though I wish they were longer, the protagonist and heroine are able to conclude well. My favourite so far has got to be Rihoko and Nanasaki’s arc, despite my favourite girl being Kaoru.

To briefly explain, in each arc it focuses on what happens after the first season for each girl. For anyone wanting to watch this series, it is highly recommended that you watch the first season to get a full understanding of each girl and their respective relationship and background with the main character.

Another reason why I like Amagami SS is that you get a wide range of characters and personalities. This allows for many different options and favourites among the viewers. Some are into sporty girls, others like the quiet, soft-spoken cuties, and some are like me who like the energetic and lovey-dovey ones. In any case, you are sure to like at least one girl in Amagami SS.

As for the current series itself, I feel like certain arcs have been better than others. Some characters aren’t given enough screen time or don’t seem to have a “perfect” ending like others. This left me feeling disappointed in the way the story unfolds. I will not mention any specifics, otherwise that would be spoiling some parts, and even then others may not feel the same way I do about a particular girl. Some may totally disagree with me on how a specific girl’s arc ended, and that’s perfectly okay. Whatever floats your boat I say!

Lastly, I think the anime so far has done a pretty good job. I haven’t rearranged my favourites so far, but that may change the end of the series. We’ll see how well Nakata Sae and Morishima Haruka’s arc goes first!


My last series that I am following through blogging is Nisemonogatari. This is my favourite series so far simply because I just love the cast of characters. Each heroine has a quirkiness about her, making them truly unique and likeable in different ways. Hachikuji Mayoi is of course the loli-favourite, but even more than is her cute voice. She’s able to keep me laughing with her banter between our main protagonist Araragi Koyomi, and her random appearances through out the show are always a treat.

Nisemonogatari is driven by its heavy dialog and story telling from a wide range of characters. In this series, the main character learns that his two sisters (called Fire sisters) have been messing around with someone who is bad news. As a result, they have been cursed with a supernatural entity, leaving Araragi with having to deal with the mess and remove his family’s curse. Throughout the story, we learn more and more about what exactly happened, and who is behind the corruption.

The other heroines, Sengoku Nadeko (who is my favourite), Senjougahara Hitagi, Suruga Kanbaru, Hanekawa Tsubasa, and Oshino Shinobu all have major roles to play aside from the two fire sisters, Karen and Tsukihi. Each of their personalities adds comedy and humour to the series, as well as plot development and some suspense as well.

Surprisingly, Shinobu has really made an impact on the series for me. Her character makes her so lovable and well-liked by most. I say it’s surprising because normally based on Bakemonogatari, she had a very minor role to play. This time around, it’s much different and makes me very happy to be watching the series.

So with each series moving on to the latter half, I think we have some really good things in store for us in the last couple of weeks. I for one am interested in how Zesshou Symphogear turns out, considering many seem to think negatively of the plot and its direction. As for the main three, things are only going up at this point, aside from Amagami SS+ plus possibly. The next arc in the series is statistically the least favourite of the audience, Nakata Sae. Hopefully it’ll turn out to be quite good. That’s it from me this week. Thanks for reading!