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Posted on: January 21, 2012 8:49 pm by small image

With the third week starting for most series, we will be looking at Another episode 2 and Amagami SS+ plus episode 3. Apparently the actual name for Amagami SS+ is “Amagami SS+ plus”, with the not only the symbol “+” but also the word “plus” included in the name. I don’t quite understand why the creators named it this, but I rather be more brief in my coverage so I’ll stick to Amagami SS+. I covered Nisemonogatari in a previous post which can be found here. Anyways..

Another episode 2

I honestly can’t remember the last time I saw an anime similar to Another. Horror and Mystery seem to go hand-in-hand with one another, to the point where you basically can’t have one without the other. So many questions still remain unanswered; who is Misaki? What is the secret behind Class 3? The two biggest questions always end up creating the most confusion and mystery. In this episode, we see for the first time that Class 3 is well-aware of some sort of secret that they refuse to share with our main protagonist, Sakakibara.

Curious Sakakibara attempts to take matters into his own hands and does some investigative work on Misaki. Attempting to uncover her name and its true meaning in the series, he hits another road block and again more questions are raised. It seems no one can see, or maybe no one wants to see Misaki, who seems to be frequently appearing near Sakakibara. I’ll admit, there are some scary moments in this anime, especially if you’re like me who watches it at 4 am in the morning. =/

Overall, another great episode done by P.A. Works, who worked on Hanasaku Iroha and Angel Beats! Certainly more to come from Another next week.

Amagami SS+ episode 3

And so we have Rihoko Sakurai entering the heroine spotlight! My fanboi-ness is going into an all time high, since Rihoko was my favourite girl next to Kaoru. I just love the whole “childhood friend” scenario, and seeing Rihoko all cute and shy makes me really happy.

The arc picks off right where it left in the first season, with Rihoko taking over as the Tea club president and main protagonist Junichi joining the club as the vice-president. Together they are trying to recruit new members and make more of a impact as a club on the school. Without ruining too much from the first season, let’s just say Rihoko is still striving for her goal this season. All the more reason to watch the first!

This episode ends off with Rihoko being confessed to… by another guy! :O What is she going to do? We’ll get to see what happens to both Junichi and Rihoko next week. OMG I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀