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Posted on: January 30, 2011 9:25 am by small image

I love alot about this series. The animation is colorful (though not the most fluid); The characters are all incredibly well fleshed out. The music arrangement is incredibly unique and first-class.. All punch-lines hit hard. There’s little not to like about this series.

It’s a good sign when the (male) protagonist has some actual character. Although that says nothing about his manliness.

It’s also a (probably) good sign when the female protagonist doesn’t look exactly like that girl you saw in some other anime two days ago.

Seriously. I have never seen a character that even closely resembles Merry Nightmare in my life.

Plus you gotta love the deformations they use in this series. They’re priceless.

The animation isn’t the best, but they still throw you for a few loops.

Plus, you have a Wii Sports ripoff….

…That’s actually a PS3 game? What the heck? Is this game console genderbending or something? Or is it supposed to be a hint that they’re actually still in a dream, even now?

Oh well, they’ve got some flashy effects. Guess I can just stop thinking and stare.

Ok, it’s official- that hat improves Merry’s awesomeness by 9999%. IT’S OVER 9000!!! XD XD XD

I think the design for her eyes are rather fitting as well- it looks as if she’s staring into a TV screen all the time…

Some tsundere Merry isn’t bad either. (Am I just a sucker for tsundere? Probably.)

Again, the animation isn’t the most fluid, but they’ve got some beautiful effects.

Maid Merry is ok I guess. (Maid-wear isn’t my thing, I guess. ^.^”) Annoyed Merry face gets +20 though.

So- Yumekui Merry has no equivalent. It’s completely original. The animation may not be top-notch, but it’s rather colorful, and the plot is engaging. And the hat is awesome. Definitely one of my personal favorites this season.