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Posted on: February 16, 2011 9:05 pm by small image

Yep, (nearly) dying. Something I want to try at least once.

I hope you’re ready…for when I upend the tea table.

Animation was very artful here.

I think poor Merry’s about to die from all the shocks she’s received lately. I believe that explosion she caused in the dream world is only the first sign.

No! Not whatever! If you pull that kind of thing off again, Yumeji will probably die or something! Don’t let the tsundere nature of your kind overtake you!

Air trombone = win.

Geez, Merry really isn’t taking in the seriousness of the situation at all, is she…

Seriously. Yumeji’s just about done for, and Merry’s just getting all dere. *sigh*

To be honest, I think she may have been scared of what she might find behind the door. Maybe she had suspected that he might still have been hurt?

Never listen to a prideful man. They always lie.


-NAP it’s a bunch of nekomimi girls! XD

At least Yumeji realizes it’s a trap.

I think half of the budget of this anime has gone into making the perfect expressions to put on Merry’s face. It’s rather effective, I think.

Ah, this definitely was pretty funny. Although Merry’s been doing some pretty crazy stuff lately, too….>.>”