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Posted on: March 18, 2012 5:28 pm by small image

(Art by Aoshiki)

Spring season is quickly approaching! Which shows intrigue us the most? It’s hard to tell which anime will be best, based only on a synopsis, some pictures, and possibly a trailer–but it’s still fun to see which shows pique our interest. Rather than go through all 30+ anime premiering this spring, we’ll each focus on the ones that we’re most excited for. (Feel free to browse through all the shows here, if you’re not up to date.)


Fate/Zero OBVIOUSLY would be #1, but since I know probably a couple of people are going to state that, I figure I would do something else and give someone else the opportunity to express how awesome it is.

Shining Hearts

If you’re into collecting figurines and models of Anime merchandise, then you most certainly have heard of Shining Hearts. Based on the popular Fantasy RPG by SEGA, these games have seen several adaptations and spin-offs into collectible figures, OVAs, and now anime. I’m most excited about the cast for this series, as several of my favourite seiyuus are going to be voicing the characters. Some of them include Yui Horie, Ryou Hirohashi, Chiwa Saito, Rie Kugimiya, Hiroshi Kamiya, and Kanae Itou. If you’re someone who watches anime based on popular voice actors and actresses, definitely pick this one up!

Accel World

Ever since the Nendoroid was put into production and the prototype was revealed only recently, I’ve really taken a liking to the main heroine of this series. Produced by Sunrise, who worked on most, if not all of the Gundam series, I have high hopes for the animation to turn out nicely. While I don’t know too much about the story, I like the idea of parallel dimensions that exist in additional to our every day lives. This one also seems kind of quirky, in the sense that it has some comedic elements added to it. If that is truly the case, then all the more reason to watch it.

Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? Jigoku Ken

KoreZombie is entering into its second season with Jigoku Ken, and even though the first season didn’t “wow” me like some other anime series did, it did well nonetheless. I’d imagine the series is a direct continuation from the first, so if you haven’t had a chance to watch season 1, I’d recommend finishing that first. I’m excited for the plethora of characters that make up the show; from Zombies, to Ninjas, to “Masou” Shoujo, you have a wide range of characters that interact in comedic and somewhat bizarre situations. I would encourage anyone who likes humour and doesn’t mind a little bit of ecchi (as comedy) to spice things up.


Fate/Zero S2

Not much to say here since I’d like to believe everyone has this on their list come next season. There’s no reason not to. More so since they left us with that cliffhanger last time. Having read the novels though, I guarantee to you guys some fights and twists of epic proportions.

Medaka Box

Probably an under-hyped show depending on how they play this out. I’m thoroughly enjoying the manga so far though. It’s by Nisio Isin (the dude behind Bakemono, Nisemono, etc.) so expect the same humor style, but the story has a more school battle feel, with some romance, as supposed to the -monogatari series’ supernatural themes. This will be by Gainax, and that makes me worry a bit (Dantalian no Shoka comes to mind). Since Medaka Box as a manga was already a “love it or hate it” story (some people didn’t like the genre shift from slice-of-life to school battle) I kinda expect the same vibe here, but I’m definitely on the “love it” side of things for now. We’ll see how Gainax does their thing here.


I’ve been itching for a good mystery for a while now, and Hyouka might just be the fix I need. It’s actually pretty interesting how the amount of mystery-themed shows seems to be increasing each season, with this title being announced alongside fellow mystery-themed show “Tasogare Otome x Amnesia” (which I’m also anticipating). That aside, nothing so far has come close to, say, how Gosick did it a year ago. KyoAni (Clannad, K-On!) are the one to take the helm on this one, which makes it a bit more fun since, I believe, this is the first time KyoAni will produce this kind of show.


Lots of interesting-looking shows coming up! I’m certainly excited for more Fate/Zero and Kimi to Boku, but I’ll focus on new shows for this post.


I suppose there’s already Kimi to Boku for our slice-of-life fun, but Tsuritama adds fishing, aliens, and the Aflac duck to the mix. Which makes me think it’ll be an interesting, quirky show! It has an interesting art style, and I’m curious to see what sort of direction it will take in regards to plot. Sci-fi? Comedy? Drama? Or an unpredictable combination of all three–and perhaps even more?

Kuromajo-san ga Toru!!

I’m waiting for an anime to come out with seven or so exclamation points at the end, just to be REALLY exciting!!!!!!! But this really looks like it’ll be fun. The episodes are short mini-eps, but it’ll have magic, comedy, and kawaii! It’s about a young girl who thinks occult magic is awesome (as well she should) and accidentally summons a mischievous witch! I’m hoping for wacky hijinks here, if not the next Madoka Magica!


This looks like it might be a unique action series! The child soldier protagonist is something new, and it’s not common to have a cast from different parts of the world like this. From what I can tell, there will be lots of action in the form of guns, explosions, and… more guns and explosions! I’m hoping there will be some good drama as well, since I think this show has some good issues it can tackle.


Accel World

Upon first sight, Accel World wasn’t on my list of things to look out for. The original art (Which is something that I usually base most of my first impressions on) wasn’t anything spectacular and what I read of the plot didn’t exactly grab me. It was the first preview that got me hooked and has me eagerly anticipating its release on April 7th. Like Guilty Crown from two seasons ago, I’m not expecting much from it story wise – though I have since read a plot summary and it has me intrigued – the animation quality shown in the trailer is what I am most looking forward to. After all, anything shiny is bound to catch my attention.

Eureka Seven Ao

Having seen and enjoyed the first season of Eureka Seven, I guess it only makes sense that I would hold its sequel in high hopes as well. While I wouldn’t count myself as someone who enjoyed the first season of Eureka Seven as much as some others may have (honestly some parts of that show really aggravated me) I feel the overall aspect of that show was really something. As a result I’ve been keeping a close watch on Ao, and so far what I have seen has not disappointed. With studio BONES at the helm, I know at the very least it will be a visual spectacle, but I am sincerely hoping for something more.


Lastly is Kyoto Animations’ latest endeavor. When the spring 2012 season preview came out, the promo art for Hyouka immediately caught my eye. I’m mean, really, this is Kyoto Animation we’re talking about here. The first trailer is simply stunning on a visual level, but the character interactions also seem to be able to carry their own weight. While I’m not expecting romance, though that certainly wouldn’t hurt (wink,wink,nudge,nudge), I look forward to see how our quartet will befriend and interact with one another. It’s something that most KyoAni shows do extremely well to begin with and with twenty-one episodes to work with I’m eagerly anticipating what this show will become. I have high hopes for it.

Trainer of Legend

Medaka Box

Medaka Box is a strange beast; its plot and characters are very cliché and shounen-esque on the surface, yet they  become quite exaggerated and fun once everything is in motion. What I love most about the manga is the way that it takes an ordinary premise and builds larger-than-life heroes and villains on top of it. I’m really looking forward to watching Medaka and Zenkichi’s adventures in animated form.